To start trade you will have to click the link to create your MultistreamFX account.


There is a signing up stage, you will use your gmail to create your own MultistreamFX wallet.




   After verifying your wallet you will deposit money to your MultistreamFX wallet,through your trade address.

This money will be used in buying financial instruments for your trade in other for you to make profit.




   Once you verify your MultistreamFX wallet,the system will generate your trading address,which you will use in funding your trade MultistreamFX account.




    If you want to start trading,you will have to fund your trade address with the amount of bitcoin you want to trade with from your local bitcoin wallet then your deposit will reflect on your MultistreamFX wallet as soon as it is confirmed.




    You can withdraw your profit after a week of trade from your MultistreamFX account to your desired local luno bitcoin wallet where you can convert it from bitcoin to your local currency on your wallet and withdraw to your bank account.




   Buying and selling can be done through the MultistreamFX exchange platform as it is set up to handle all the bitcoin exchanges automatically by peering your exchange address with the exchange address of possible buyers around the globe,as soon as exchange begins for the week. Exchanges are done carefully and specifically for the best turnouts. Then You can withdraw your profit after a week of exchange to your desired bitcoin wallet of your choice.